SEO-Friendly Site Migration Checklist

SEO-friendly website migration

Website migrations require quite a bit of due diligence and can lead to hours (if not days or weeks, sometimes even months) of headaches and lost traffic and revenue if not done properly and with adequate planning. Having been involved with countless site migrations, I’ve learned far more from the problematic migrations than the smooth, successful website transfers. I’ve compiled a checklist of things to do when migrating your website. While this is written assuming you’re going to be changing domain names, this also applies if you’r migrating from http to https for the same domain name.

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Tech SEO 360 Review

Technical SEO Audit

One of my favorite tools over the last few years has been A1 Website Analyzer (which is similar to Screaming Frog SEO Spider). It’s become an important tool in my on-site/technical SEO audits, as it quickly displays pages with poor (or non-existent) internal linking, short title tags, mismatching canonical link rel elements, slow loading times, mobile issues, non-indexed pages, etc. I’ve also used the same company’s tools for on-page keyword analysis, XML sitemap creation and scraping.

Well it looks like Microsys finally wised up and bundled these and other tools into a single software package: Tech SEO 360. Aside from combining keyword analysts and sitemap generation, it also adds a couple of new features that have made my life easier.

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DeepCrawl – Useful SEO Takeaways and what’s New with 2.0

I recently began using DeepCrawl after putting it off for awhile. I quickly saw the advantage of not only being able to crawl much larger sites (since desktop applications begin to use up a lot of memory once your crawl exceeds a certain number of URLs). I was happy with my decision to begin using DeepCrawl and I quickly found some opportunities for on-site improvements I had previously missed. I quickly became a believer. Aside from the fact that Deep Crawl can crawl a larger number of URLs, it also integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This allows the tool to give you far deeper insights than a typical site crawler.

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