The WordPress Pharma Hack: Why your website is forwarding to a S*x Pill Website

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There appears to be a growing number of WordPress sites forwarding to unscrupulous websites that sell Cialis, Viagra, or something similar. Sometimes referred to as the “WordPress pharma hack,” in every instance I’ve seen, the culprit script can be found in the .htaccess file, and the website was using an outdated version of WordPress (and/or outdated plugins).

This is a crime against humanity. These Title tags are way too long!

Removing the WordPress Pharma Hack

The fix is pretty simple. Open your .htaccess file (it’s best to make a backup copy first) and delete the lines of code that redirects your website to the enhancement pill website. Then, make sure you update your WordPress and all of your plugins (once again, it’s best practice to back up your WordPress installation first).

Also, as an added precaution, update your WordPress and MySQL passwords.

If you run into an issue where your PHP version doesn’t support the latest version of WordPress, you’ll have to update this in your hosting account. Some hosting providers will require you to move to a different hosting plan.

Good Luck!

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