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Here are some examples of the SEO work I have done for my previous employer, Transamerican Auto Parts. Transamerican Auto Parts is an automotive aftermarket retailer which includes 4 Wheel Parts, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, and a variety of automotive companies in other verticals (the Performance Products companies were mostly sold off to another aftermarket retailer).  The rankings reflect where they were at the time of my employment.

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Websites and select keyword rankings

Company: 4 Wheel Parts (2006-2013)
seo portfolio 4wp

Truck parts (1)
Truck tires (1)
Truck Tire (3)
Truck Wheels (3)
Truck Wheel (2)
Lift Kits (2)
Leveling Kits (4 & 5)
Winches (5)
Winch (8)
Warn Winches (3)
Warn Winch (4)
Mile Marker Winches (3)
Mile Marker Winch (5)
Jeep wheels (3)
Jeep wheel (3)

Company: 4 Wheel Drive Hardware (2006-2013)

seo portfolio 4wd

Jeep parts (1)
Jeep accessories (2)
Jeep wheels (1)
Jeep wheel (1)
Jeep winches (1)
Jeep winch (1)
Jeep tops (1)
Jeep top (5)
Jeep tires (4 & 5)
Jeep tire (5 & 6)

Company: Performance Products (2005-2007)

seo portfolio p4t


truck parts (1)


seo portfolio p4benz

Mercedes parts (3)
Mercedes accessories (1)
Mercedes floor mats (1)
Mercedes floor mat (1)
Mercedes wheel (7)
Mercedes wheels (1)
Mercedes car covers (2)
Mercedes Car Cover (2)


seo portfolio automotion

Porsche parts (1)
Porsche accessories (1 & 2)
Porsche floor mats (1)
Porsche floor mat (1)
Porsche wheels (5)
Porsche car covers (1)
Porsche Car Cover (1)

SEO Portfolio

This portfolio content is provided for sample purposes only. A more recent SEO portfolio sample (along with case studies) may be provided upon request. Due to years of experience and use of cutting-edge software including automation/AI, my team and I are able to provide affordable SEO services, content marketing, social media support and other digital marketing services to medium-sized businesses, allowing them to compete with much larger companies online. If you are interested search engine optimization from a leading SEO expert, contact us using the form below.

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