Hootsuite Product Review: Hootsuite helps mitigate your Twitter addiction

I jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon fairly recently and like many others, have found it addicting. In looking for ways to pass on useful articles and blog posts I run into without cutting into my productivity, I ran into Hoostuite. I’ve been using HootSuite for about a week now and I continue to find it more and more useful. Perhaps the most useful features are:

-Schedule Tweets for later

If you have to balance your Twitter addiction with your 9-to-5, you’ll especially find this feature useful. Hootsuite lets you time tweets so that they are posted to your twitter account at a specified time. This way you can still share useful links or ideas with your tweets, without having your tweets clumped together and competing against each other for attention. I use the timer to spread out my tweets of useful links I see in my iGoogle RSS feeds to my twitter account (see diagram).

-Connect to Multiple accounts

If you have multiple Twitter accounts (ie. personal, business, hobby, etc), Hootsuite will definitely make life easier for you.  Hootsuite allows you to link multiple accounts and sent updates to the account of your choice—so no having to log in and out to switch accounts throughout the day. Simply choose the account you want to update and click update!

-‘Twitter Analytics’!

Ever wonder how many clicks your tweets get?  Hootsuite gives you the number of clicks your tweets receive.  This can give you a good example of what your readers are interested (or the effectiveness of the Tweet subject lines you use).


If you haven’t started using any Twitter-oriented tools, this is certainly a good place to start.  Tweeting useful information can be time consuming, and this is a great way to cut down the time it takes to share information, as well as gauge how useful your followers deem your  information.

Learn more at Hootsuite.com

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  1. Jeff Newman says:

    I love hootsuite.com. They also allow you to tweet RSS feeds. They also have a great bookmarklet for posting tweets. All you have to do is click when you want to tweet a link. In the bookmarklet you can schedule the tweet as well. Sweet.

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