Difference between Revenue & Product Revenue – Avoid Confusion

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When working in a fast-paced environment where different reports are needed, one of the common ‘discrepancies’ occur when Total Revenue and Product Revenue are used interchangeably.  The differences is simple (tax and shipping is included in Total Revenue, but not in Product Revenue).  As trivial as this seems, this can cause a lot of confusion when dealing with multiple reports for multiple departments.

Total Revenue

Total Revenue is what’s shown in Conversions > Ecommerce > Sales Performance.  This is essentially the total revenue for the period selected, tax and shipping included.

Product Revenue

Product Revenue is what displays in Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance.  The Product Revenue column will show the revenue for the item in the corresponding Product column.  This is a great way to see which products are driving revenue.  This gives you a breakdown of what products/SKUs were sold, and gives the pre-tax and pre-shipping value for each.

Product Revenue

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but should be kept separate to avoid confusion.

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  1. Good blog post, thanks for explaining it so clearly.

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