Google Ad Groups Data Gathering Made Tolerable with Custom Reporting

seo lumberg analytics For the most part, Google Analytics tracks Google AdWords data (big surprise!).  However, there is one odd quirk about the manner Analytics reports AdWords data—you can only view metrics for an Ad Groups within their respective campaign.  In other words, when Lumberg wants metrics like revenue and bounce rates for every AdWords AdGroup, you have to dive into every AdWords Campaign and grab the data for the AdGroups within that Campaign.

This is fine if all of your Ad Groups fall into the same Campaign.  But if you’re running a large e-commerce site, chances are you’ve got numerous Campaigns, and numerous Ad Groups within those campaigns

Thank Google for Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting (which can be accessed by that “Custom Reporting” link on the left which you’ve probably ignored until now!) allows you to cross-reference metrics (like bounce rates, visits, revenue, etc) with dimensions (like traffic source—including Ad Groups!).  What this means is that you can easily pull this data en masse by creating a custom report that cross references the metrics you want to pull for your Ad Groups.

Create a Custom Report for your Ad Groups

Once you’ve clicked the Custom Reporting link, you’ll be taken to Create Custom Report page.  For Dimension, choose Ad Group.  For metrics, choose whatever metrics you’re trying to pull (in the example below, I’m pulling Revenue, Clicks, Bounces, and Pageviews). Give your report a name and click Apply.  Click Preview Report to ensure this is this is the report you wanted to pull.  Once you’re sure this is the  click Create Report.

* Tip – You can pull metrics and dimensions much faster by using the search box above the list, and typing the metric or dimension you’re looking for.

You’ll now be taken back to your Analytics Overview page, with your Custom report showing.  Now you can view all of your Ad Groups together.  And just like any other section in Analytics, you can export this as a report in a variety of formats, or have a report emailed to yourself and/or others.

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