Spring Cleaning for those Analytics Profiles!

The ability to have multiple profiles in Analytics is extremely convenient.  You can flip back and forth without having to switch accounts.  And the ability to create duplicate profiles for the same domain name, gives you the option of viewing a site profile with a specific filter (for example; seeing only traffic that resulted from social media networks, seeing a profile that returns keyword information with actual search engine rankings, or treating email sign ups as keyword searches so as to track email addresses that are entered).

The problem of course is that the more profiles you add, the more sifting you may have to do in your drop downs.  This can be especially annoying for fellow account users who also have admin access, but have no need to see the umpteen duplicate profiles you created. Perhaps the easiest way to make this work for everyone (keeping your duplicate profiles AND not bogging down other admin access users) is to make sure the main profile comes up first.  Since Analytics automatically lists them alphabetically, this means making sure your main profile is alphabetically the first.  In the sample below, we have some legacy profiles that are kept for archiving purposes in case we ever need historical information.

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