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Chris Casarez - Google AnalyticsMy name is Chris Casarez. I was born in 1977 and I market (mostly through search engine optimization) and maintain websites for a living. I also provide Google Analytics consulting. Since I can't think of any other purpose for it, this site serves as a portal to a few of the sites/blogs I maintain or market, as well as those of a few friends of mine. Also, I just recently wrote a short ebook for Kindle for people who want to start a website but have no idea how to get started, or who have just launched a website and have no idea how to get traffic.

Website 101: The Essentials of Website Creation and Marketing by Chris Casarez


This is my Search Engine Optimization website/blog, dedicated towards helping webmaster and small business owners improve their SEO rankings. If you don't know what SEO is, and you're interested in learning, read my post What SEO is and isn't - SEO Explained and review on a few SEO spy tools. Also, here is how I got into SEO.

My Blog

This is my personal blog which I will be using to discuss topics like current events, politics, science, and just random thoughts, observations, and rants. It's a continuation of my old Blogspot.

Websites I've SEO'd (Search Engine Optimization)

Cosmetic Dermatology of Orange County, Inc

Provides Botox and laser treatment and other dermatological procedures in Orange County.

Certified Phone Solutions

Sells a number of telecommunication products including intercoms, headsets and cabling products.

Paper Mart

Sells a number of paper-based and shipping products, including cardboard boxes, shopping bags, bubble mailers, and more.

A Few Good Plumbers

Offers plumbing and related services in the greater Los Angeles area.


Friend/Family websites

Custom Seat Covers

Sells a number of custom seat covers for virtually all vehicles.

Magnolia Wheel & Tire

Sells and installs tires and wheels. Also provides other sevices, including tune-ups, air and oil filter changes, alignment, brake replacement and more.

My Dog’s Cool

Performance K-9 Gear. Sells a number of custom-made K-9 leashes.

Upper Training

Offers expert-led IT training courses for IT professionals.

CO2 Reduction & CO2 Cappers

A website with CO2 reduction products and resources and a blog on climate change denial, as well as CO2 reduction technologies.

Brian's Soccer Website

My brother Brian's soccer and academic stats and achievements.