Use Email Reporting to Save time with Google Analytics

Why Email Reports?

google analytics email You can avoid the time involved in logging into Analytics (this is especially useful when checking metrics for multiple profiles/accounts).  You can add multiple recipients for these reports (this is especially useful when having to send to a high number of recipients).  Last but not least, you will save even more time if your internet connection (or Google’s servers) happen to be slow when you are pulling these reports.

Setting up Email Reports

Whether you are in your dashboard or in a specific section, simply click the Email icon on the upper left portion of the content section.

email reporting google analytics email reporting
You can either choose to send the email report now (which is fine it it’s a one-time report), or you can choose to send on a recurring basis.  Once you choose between these two, you will have the option of choosing the format or your report, the email addresses of your intended recipients (I am not sure what the limit is), the type of report, your subject, and the description you’d like to send in the subject body.  If you chose recurring reports, will have the option of choosing to have them sent daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  Once you’ve made your selections, click Send if you’re sending the report now, or Schedule if you’re scheduling for a later send.

.email google analytics scheduling emails

And you’re done!

Any time you want to go back and review, edit, or delete a recurring email report, just click the Email link or icon on the right navigation, under the Settings section.  You will be given a list of options.

edit email reports

In Conclusion

Having these reports come to you instead of having to log in and browse through multiple screens will save you lots of time and possibly frustration.

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