Having trouble adding owners in Google Search Console?

I recently came across an odd situation whereby I had difficulty adding owners in Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools).   The problem was that the Google Search Console account receiving the delegated ownership wasn’t seeing the sites I was delegating beyond the first one.

Adding an owner via delegation on my side was rather simple.

On the Search Console Site Listings:

Choose: Manage Property > Add or Deleted Users

You can click “Add a new user” if that’s what you’re trying to add,  but if you’re adding an owner, you’ll want to click “Manage Property owners.”

On the bottom left, click “Add an owner.”

As easy as this all seems, the problem appears when the new owner you added doesn’t see the site in his/her Search Console index page.

In this case, the new owner still needs to click “Add a Property.” The difference is, they won’t to jump through the usual hoops of being verified, as a current owner has already delegated ownership to their account. Why the site doesn’t just show up on this page to begin with after having site ownership delegated might seem odd, but it does give owner account some control of their page (imagine being given 100 URLs of ownership and not having a choice of whether you want your index page cluttered with 100 URLs).

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