SEO for YouTube (Updated 2014)

Making sure your YouTube videos Rank

Optimizing your YouTube videos is more important than ever.  Google often ranks videos on the first page of their traditional SERPs.  The extent to which it does so varies by subject and algorithm update, but overall, the trend has been to rank YouTube videos and other parasite pages.  Furthermore,  YouTube is essentially the second most-used search engine after Google.  So if you’re taking the time to upload videos with the intention of having them found, it’s a good idea to take a little extra time to make sure they are optimized.

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SEO Keyword Research – Choosing Keywords for SEO

SEO Keyword Research

seo keyword researchOne of the most important aspects of SEO is the initial research.  Many webmasters and marketers spend their time optimizing for keywords that are either virtually unattainable, or return little/no value for the effort put forth.  It’s important to know where to invest your time and resources to get the most return from your investment.  Like the old adage says; work smarter, not harder.  So here are 5 Steps for choosing the right keywords.  They will apply slightly differently based on your situation (ie. whether it’s your own website, a client’s, or an employer’s), so use the portions that work for your situation.

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SEO for Dynamic Pages and Content

Dynamic websites have their obvious advantages. The ability to automate, create, edit, and delete content through a database and server side scripting is a must when dealing with large and constantly updated websites.

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Blogs/Articles for 2009-05-05

Blogs/Articles for 2009-05-05

Blogs/Articles for 2009-04-15

Blogs/Articles for 2009-04-15

SEO Ranking 101: The 6 Steps

SEO is mainly about content and inbound links. More to the point, it’s about good content, and good links. Ultimately, it’s about a lot of good content, and a lot of good links. Fine-tuning is useful, but it should be the last on your list. Here are the 6 steps for building a strong SEO program.

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