Track outbound links and file downloads with Google Analytics

Track outbound links and file downloads with Google Analytics

One of those not-so-obvious features of Google Analytics is its ability to track outbound links and file downloads. This feature isn’t available by default, because Google Analytics tracks links by way of the tracking script you paste. So when users click from one page to the other on your site, Google Analytics can track the sequence of this visit.

Since your Analytics tracking code doesn’t exist on 3rd party websites you link to, Google Analytics won’t track this (at least not in your account—the site you link to may also have GA, but for privacy reasons, Google won’t share their data with you). Likewise, you can’t embed your GA tracking on a PDF or WMV file. … Read more

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Using the Content section in Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes gathering data for individual pages rather simple. Simply click the Content link on the right navigation, then click Top Content. You’ll be treated to all of your site’s pages, in descending order of the traffic they receive.

Google Analytics Top Content

Google Analytics Top Content - Great for comparing your top page metrics

This is great if you simply want to know how your top pages are doing.
But what if you need to find specific pages, and these pages aren’t among the most visited pages? In the example above, there are 9,512 pages to sift through. Not many of us have that kind of time or patience.
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