Google Ad Groups Data Gathering Made Tolerable with Custom Reporting

seo lumberg analytics For the most part, Google Analytics tracks Google AdWords data (big surprise!).  However, there is one odd quirk about the manner Analytics reports AdWords data—you can only view metrics for an Ad Groups within their respective campaign.  In other words, when Lumberg wants metrics like revenue and bounce rates for every AdWords AdGroup, you have to dive into every AdWords Campaign and grab the data for the AdGroups within that Campaign.

This is fine if all of your Ad Groups fall into the same Campaign.  But if you’re running a large e-commerce site, chances are you’ve got numerous Campaigns, and numerous Ad Groups within those campaigns … Read more

Testing report discrepancies with Google Analytics (Advanced Segments)

So I ran into a brain-racking situation with my employer the other day.  A certain 3rd party advertiser is linking to one of our websites from several places on their all-flash website (and not for free mind you).  In an effort to gauge the utility of these links, I’ve been perusing through both Google Analytics (to measure the number of visits from the advertiser’s website) and the admin the advertiser provides us (which tells us the number of times people have clicked on our links).

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Hootsuite Product Review: Hootsuite helps mitigate your Twitter addiction

I jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon fairly recently and like many others, have found it addicting. In looking for ways to pass on useful articles and blog posts I run into without cutting into my productivity, I ran into Hoostuite. I’ve been using HootSuite for about a week now and I continue to find it more and more useful. Perhaps the most useful features are: … Read more

Blogs/Articles for 2009-04-20

Blogs/Articles for 2009-04-20