Geolocation – an easy (and free) way to make your site more relevant

As companies continue to look for ways to make their websites more relevant to users, expect Geolocation to become increasingly popular. Geolocation allows websites to display dynamic content based on a user’s location.

Geolocation on SEOracle

Because I get visitors from other countries, I decided to add links to Google Translate my blog to the visitor’s native language. So, using the free GeoMarketing plugin for WordPress, I was able to create HTML snippets on my blog that are visible based on visitor location.

*** Note: While the WordPress plugin makes it easy for WP users, you don’t actually need WP to take advantage of this tool. With a account you can simply grab the snippet of code you are given and use it on your website or blog.

I first used Google Analytics to see where most of my visitors from countries where English is not the national language.

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