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Recycling In-House copy for SEO articles

Just the other day I realized that I have a plethora of in-house copy I’ve put together for managers, directors, and other team members that can easily be recycled into blog posts and/or SEO articles to link back to my website.

Everyone’s situation is different of course, but it helps to be creative and think outside the box a bit. Do you have previously written content somewhere that can be recycled into SEO articles? Even if you’re not an old lady about keeping old stuff (like myself), you may have a sent folder with relevant content.

Recycling your existing SEO articles and dodging the duplicate content bullet

One fairly easy way to get content rich and relevant content to link back to Articles. If your article is accepted, you’ll have a content rich SEO article (assuming that’s how you wrote it) linking back to whatever URL(s) you provided in the footer.

But it gets better. These articles are often syndicated by website and blog owners who repost these articles, with the condition that they keep your footer (where your links reside) intact. So every time your article is reposted, this is yet another instance of an SEO article with a content rich link pointing back to your website.

The only problem is that these reposted articles are considered duplicate content by Google, which largely if not completely negates the relevance of these links.
But have no fear, Ezine Articles allows you to edit your own articles. So, after websites/blogs (which are often times industry-relevant to the content of your article) have reposted your articles, you can go back and edit your Ezine Article, and undo the problem of duplication.

A perfect example is an SEO article I wrote about Porsche which I posted on Ezine articles a few years back. It was reposted on, which is far more relevant to the topic of Porsche. In order to ‘unduplicate’ this article, I went back to my Ezine version and changed the content a bit, freeing up the article on the more industry-relevant website ( from the duplicate content stigma.

SEO articles may be easier to come by than you think

By being resourceful and making the best of what you have, you can leverage whatever content you already have at your disposal to maximize your SEO-relevant inbound links. As I said before, everyone’s situation is different. Maybe you don’t have an archive of in-house copy you’ve written that can be recycled. But how about:

  • Company brochures or other literature that you can recycle into good SEO content?
  • Information you receive from vendors or co-workers?
  • Old emails where you’ve explained relevant topics to colleagues?

A little resourcefulness can go a long way when it comes to SEO content.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Good idea. I suppose you could also just remove your Ezine article once it’s been posted in a “real” website to avoid duplication. Do you know how much content you would have to change in order to not be seen as a “duplicate?”

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