Increase AdWords ROI – Segmenting for Geography

Increase ROI by Geography in Google AnalyticsAnyone who’s dealt extensively with Google AdWords knows that it’s ease in setting up and quick optimizations at some point turn into a difficult tasks of finding a way to increase ROI.  At some point, after you’ve painstakingly filtered out low-converting keywords, increased your quality score, optimized your copy, etc. the low hanging fruit is gone and increasing the ROI on your Ad spend becomes much harder.

One of the more concrete, yet overlooked methods for increasing AdWords ROI involves filtering out regions with little/no conversions.  Thankfully, we can find out which regions (in this scenario, states) are costing money by way of clicks and offering little/no revenue in return.

1-Create an Advanced Segment

Log into Google Analytics and create an Advanced Segment for AdWords Visits with no Revenue.  Your Source will be Google, Medium will be CPC, and Revenue will be no greater than 0.  Make sure you’re using AND, not OR statements.

AdWords Advanced Segments

2- View Map Overlay

In your Visitors section, choose Map Overlay, then choose the country where you want to separate regional information.

AdWords Sales by region
3- Dive Deeper!

Now look for the regions (states) that are dragging your ROI down.

Google Analytics - AdWords Visits by Region

4- Save Money in AdWords!

Log back in to Google AdWords and filter out those states.

Adwords Target Region Filter

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