SEO for WordPress

SEO for WordPress

Originally released as a blogging platform, WordPress adoption has grown over the years and its functionality has expanded well beyond its initial specifications.  Thanks to countless updates, themes and plugins, WordPress can be used for every type of website imaginable, including eCommerce.  The basics are easy to learn thanks to its simplicity and the countless free tutorials out there.  Thankfully, this expanded support also includes SEO options and plugins that can handle edits that would otherwise require working knowledge of PHP.  We’ll cover a few of the basics here.

This post is meant as a general overview that will wok with most WordPress themes. Some people swear by a specific framework (like the Genesis framework) but this post is meant to work wit whatever theme or framework you install.

Yoast SEO: Joost the Right SEO WordPress Pugin

Yoast is the Swiss Army knife of WordPress SEO. It will simplify your title tag/meta descriptions, generate your XML sitemaps, handle your archive pages, create AMP pages and much more. Much of this post will require the Yoast plugin, though here are alternatives out there.

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