BuzzFeed account creation trouble: IP address filtering

In an attempt to create a BuzzFeed account, a friend of mine ran into some unexpected trouble. Following every possible manner of creating an account (connecting via Google+, Facebook and “the old fashion way” of creating a username and password) only to receive error messages like “an error has occurred” and “trouble creating account.”

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GoDaddy Gmail Setup – Sending from your Gmail Address

If you’re handling multiple email addresses, you’ll probably want to be able to send from multiple email addresses from the same email address account, as opposed to having to individually log in to a different email address account every time you need to check or send an email from/to that email address.  Having to constantly log in to other web mail accounts is enough to drive any quasi-busy person insane. Fortunately, large email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook/Hotmail allow us to easily send emails from other domain names.

However, there does seem to be some hiccup with getting Gmail to properly do this, at least when it comes to Godaddy-based email addresses. Part of the issue is that some of Gmail’s default options won’t work with Godaddy, and so you have to know what to change them to. Having run into this in the past, I have jotted down the changes I used to allow me to use Gmail to send email from my Godaddy-hosted email address.

One quick note: In order to get this to work, your Godaddy-based

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